This year’s trip is a fleeting trip to Singapore to have a weekend of champagne brunches. Fabulous darling!.
I have met up with some friends who have just finished a 5 week trip around Europe.  I am really looking forward to the brunch indulgence.
We are staying in Orchard club rooms at the Parkroyal on Pickering
The rooms are lovely and the staff have so far been delightful.
The flight was dragged out ar both ends but we arrived safely and that is all that really matters.
It is the season for Indonesia to burn off their crops to replant new ones,so the haze in Singapore is pretty intense. Apparently in Malaysia it much much worse.
Seems incredible to my sheltered self that a country gets away with causing such dramas to neighboring countries pollution wise
When I got to the hotel I went straight up to the Orchard Club room as there was only half an hour complimentary drinks left. My friends arrived 2 hours later and we all headed off to the 2 am dessert bar. The head chef Janice Wing has been on Australian Masterchef.

imageWe got matched cocktails, which were much more to my liking.
Singapore are 2 hours behind us so it was actually 2am while we were there so I was feeling a little tired. The boys are handling the change in time zones much better than me. They are on their way home from an amazing trip around Europe. It was about 4.30 am (our time by the time) I got to sleep. It’s now 7.45 and I am wide awake ready for the day with a scheduled afternoon nap.
More photos of the day to come.


I have typed this post from my phone so it make look a bit weird.