Friday 20th September the A.M


This morning I went to Montparnasse to go up to the 56-59th floor to look across Paris. The weather was not perfect but it was pretty damn close. You get a great view.ImageImageI2013-09-20 12.12.21 2013-09-20 12.12.07

I got a daggy photo of me standing in front of a “green” screen of Paris for mum.Image

I am very glad I went over there.If they had’ve had tables and chairs on the top I could have stayed there enjoying the vitamin D for quite some time.

I went to the restaurant on the 56th floor, Ciel de Paris for lunch. I unfortunately got a condescending waiter but there were other waiters who were very cheeky and charming. For the price the food was ok . Not wow,but not too bad.  I had the fixed priced lunch my choices were foie gras for entree and Quail for main. The view from the restaurant was spectacular, it would be nice to have a party up there as long as the condescending waiter had the day/night off. 😉


The Louvre is open late on Fridays so that is what I hope to do tonight. On the weekend there is a vintage market just down the road and a food festival across Paris. Sunday I hope to go to marché de clignancourt. I was going to visit Versailles on the weekend but I might save that for my next visit to Paris , I have been enjoying my sleep ins.

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  1. Hi Bron,
    I just wanted to “chime in” to say: You are really doing a great job with the blog and I look forward to each installment. Thanks again for taking us along and “mare see bow koo” on providing the photographic evidence of your adventure. Now go forth and live! 😉

      • I know all about the mad rush to make corrections after hitting the submit button (all part of the fun of it.) Small potatoes next to the entertainment value you are providing.
        Your story often makes me smile (I have even LOLed a time or two.) Although I have never met you, I enjoy the way you bring your “true self” to these posts. This blog is everything I hoped it would be – I’m so glad to be following. Cheers!

  2. Hiya ! Your Blog is a daily must read and you are educating me on all the bits of Paris I’ve missed just doing the business visits ! Your prose is brysonesque ! Keep up the good work !

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