I got the RENFE train from Barcelona to Madrid. The countryside in Spain makes for good gazing. There were mountains and views of the Mediterranean, small villages, areas that looked like desert,old derelict castles . It made me happy that I had not chosen to fly. I did fall asleep for half an hour but the weight of my big head put my hand to sleep so I woke up. Some loud Spanish girls with bags of chips and cans of soft drink got on at one stop. Luckily all the work involved in eating all the chips put them to sleep then it was quiet again. I got to my apartment and met Miguel who showed me around. It is advertised as 2nd floor but it more like the 4th , maybe it is the 2nd floor from the top. It is really nicely decked out with reconstructed art by a friend of his. It is a little noisy but I knew it was going to be like that. The linen and towels from the last “tenant” was still drying in the lounge room . That was a little annoying, not much I can do about it though. He is letting me stay until the evening my flight goes so swings and roundabouts. Today I did a little walking around and got the hop on hop off bus to figure out what I want to do over the next few days. This time next week I will be back in Australia :(. The time has gone very quickly.

While I am here there are couple of museums I want to go to and there are pandas at the Madrid zoo so I hope to get there and I would like to go to Toledo, it comes highly recommended.

a scary sad clown

a scary sad clown

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It is a very different city to Barcelona, I haven’t taken to it like I took to Barcelona. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a light bulb moment and see what it is people love about it. Stuff is cheap here so that’s good. There are so many beggars, I think there might even be more than in Paris.

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    • The front door of the building faces the market and the windows face the street behind it. I can look out my window and see a cnr of plaza mayor. Sadly the market is more of a giant food court but that’s ok too.

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