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Hi again ,

In a few more pays I am off to the South Island of New Zealand to have a bit of a scenic drive.  I can only afford to go for 10 days as I have opted to not slum it. I don’t want to sleep under a quilt that looks like it was last washed back when I was in primary school.  You know the ones, multi-coloured, quilted, makes you itch just looking at it.
My wonderful mum is helping me pay for my Queenstown accommodation. Wait till you see the view! I know I have said it before but I am very blessed to have been born into my family. The assistance I am getting on that accommodation means I can do some very nice day tours.

Another priority was, yep you guessed it, free unlimited WiFi. Can’t expect me to write my blog while drinking overpriced alcohol in a WiFi hot spot in the heart of Queenstown. I have really missed writing my blog and hope that my travels will give me plenty to write about.

I am going with “the works” tickets on Air New Zealand. It will be a little weird boarding a flight and being “overseas” in 3 hours as opposed to the hours it takes to get to Europe but it will lovely. It will also be lovely to be overseas and understand the “lingo”. Choice bro!

I’ve also purchased a NZ sim from a place called it comes preloaded with 500 mb of data and 100 mins of NZ ph calls and unlimited texts in NZ that I can top up if need be. I shouldn’t need to though. It will be nice to land with a sim that won’t be roaming at big $$. I am super “paranoid” about wasting money on roaming data.That money is much better spent on having a memorable time.

I will be staying in Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, two nights of undecided and two nights (probably) in Christchurch. I am going with minimal luggage, it is only 10 days after all. Percy may need to stay at home. I am sure he will appreciate the break.

So lovely well travelled blog readers do you have any recommendations on what I should do/places to go while I am driving around the South Island of New Zealand?

Thanks to Jo Copson for the idea of BroNZ.

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  1. Hanmer Springs & Kaikoura! I only had a few days post a Cristchurch conference & loved both these places. The whales were an experience that I still struggle to find words to describe. Moving is perhaps the single word that I would choose.
    The hit springs at Hanmer Springs were great fun, and a little spa luxury is always a good idea!
    Have a great trip Bron xx

  2. Bonza BroNZ. You quiet brightened up my day with the news of more blogging.
    Loved your last trip and look forward to this one. Gerri xx

  3. Go Bron, We are so pleased you are off again. We’ve really missed your blogs. NZ is gorgeous. Arrow Town, Mulford & Doubtful Sound are awesome. Keep away from the bungee jumping (can detach retinas) & speed boat rides (not good for the fish or the river). Lots more to see and do. When do you leave?  Julie & Ralph

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  4. I look forward to reading your blog, as I still haven’t made it to NZ, definitely keen to get there though,
    Happy travels Bron, stay safe.

  5. Hi Bron,
    There’s a restaurant in Queenstown that Mike and I always visit – the Bunker.
    Well worth it, great menu, ambience, and an amazing wine list!
    But you should book asap-
    looking forward to following your blog
    Mike is on his last day’s walk for the team extreme hike for health (epworth).
    He has been having a fantastic but hard walk along the great wall of China raising funds for cancer.
    Enjoy the pinot in Central otago- it’s great!

    • Thanks Sue. The Bunker gets great reviews. I will look into booking. While he still worked with us he recommended the Botswana Butchery I was a little blown away by the prices at that one. I do love a good steak though.

  6. Hiya Bron 😀
    So glad to see you back it it… good to know you miss blogging because I for one missed reading you. Oh sure, I would peek-in on your instagram feed but it’s just not the same. Looking forward to following you on this latest excursion.

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