musee de l’orangerie and a cooking class at lacuisine


On Thursday we ( Katha, Celia and I )  set off again on the Metro to go to the musee de l’orangerie , we got the Metro as it was a bit of a walk. ( my days are a little mixed up so it may not be told in accurate order). The museum is on a far corner of the jardin des tuileries. These gardens are beautiful and the space it is in is HUGE. They certainly know how to do things in with great opulence.  It exudes $$$$$. No wonder there were revolutions.

The Musee de l’orangerie was very simple yet beautiful. I am a big fan of paintings of flowers and gardens. I find them very peaceful. This Museum gave me a good dose of those. I got hushed by a Japanese tour guide who spoke to her group in a tone that possibly only a dog could hear. She barked at me quite loudly  that ” this is a museum” when I inadvertently laughed.

After seeing the Monet exhibition in Melbourne I thought that the water lily series would be  little meh. They were spectacular , what a skilled man he was. Katha and I then went off to have a creme brulee at one of the cafes in the garden . I am no creme brulee expert but it was delicious. I had to get to Hotel De Ville to go to a cooking class It was a very brisk walk to get there on time. Hotel de Ville has been my go to place when I am lost . Once I find Hotel De Ville I can get to my apartment.

The cooking class at la cuisine paris was very interesting. There were people from all over the world with varied English speaking skills. A girl from Mexico,  a lady from Canada , and one from Japan, a family from Russia( with only the daughter able to speak English) and of course the token Australians and Americans. I am yet to meet a shy Australian. What is with that? I have found it interesting that Australians are  very assertive folk.

We made an entree of a pea creme brulee. A main course of fillet mignon stuffed with apricots and walnuts and wrapped in prosciutto, I , and the other Australians found it a little salty. Seriously who puts salt on the top of a prosciutto wrapped bit of meat that has already been seasoned in the middle. The mignon was accompanied with some roast vegetables. For dessert we poached pears and had them with ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was a good night. It didn’t drag on . The chef was very pleasant and funny. I am glad I went. I have another one of these booked for next week. When we will be preparing a different meal.

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  1. So glad you loved the L’orangerie. We loved that they had the huge Monet’s upstairs, and then the gallery downstairs with some amazing works by other famous artistes! I am so dying to get back to Paris. We only had 3 days there!!!

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