Thursday 19th September Part 2. the P.M


I went to another class at La Cuisine this one was just as enjoyable if not more so. The Chef Eric was very funny , engaging and handsome. I think I learnt more little tips at this one. There of course was another token Australian ,who as per, what seems to be the norm, not shy. This time we made

Chèvre chaud aux pistaches hachèes ( pistachio covered goats cheese)Image

Poisson du jour, Coulis de poivron jaune and Artichauts Barigoute

(cod with a yellow pepper couli and a traditional artichoke dish with carrot, onions and wine and butter)


 If I never have to “turn” another artichoke I will be very happy.  It was interesting learning the skill though. No wonder pickled artichokes are not cheap. There is a bit of work involved. I learnt an interesting way of not getting things to stick to the pan. ( add oil and of course a bit of butter and a sheet of baking paper add more oil)


Dessert was

Tartelette au Chocolat Chantilly Cafè. Chocolate tarte with coffee chantilly creme



I had the one with not much cream, as cream keeps me up at night feeling a little ill.

Eric’s way of saying please was “s’il vous please” which was tres cute. 😀 There were people from Argentina, Texas USA, Canberra, UK and a couple from Norway in France to get married at the Norwegian Embassy the next day. We tried to invite ourselves but they changed the subject HA.

I would go back to another of their many classes next time I am in Paris

Eric also was courteous enough to ask us all if we knew how to get back to our lodgings. This stood out to me as very nice as I had a bit of a bad experience after the champagne tour at the start of my holiday.

I did not want to tell it at the time so as not to freak out family members. The champagne tour was meant to be pick up from door get dropped back at door. My street is one way and pokey. I offered to be dropped at the bottom/top of my street. Instead he dropped me at Hotel De Ville and said walk 200 metres and then turn right. I had been tasting wine since 10.30 in the morning, been in Paris for less than 48 hours and carrying two bottles of champagne and a flute ( in a box). I managed to get find my way home but it is not 200 metres from Hotel de Ville and it was not a nice experience.

Now Hotel de Ville is one of my landmarks to navigate me 😀 So some good came out of it 😀

I thoroughly recommend La Cuisine Paris they are professional, friendly and fun. It is nice to meet people from all over the world and as a team make a meal. 😀

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