thursday the 3rd of October-Barcelona


After a big and long day I had a bit hangover in the morning, so I had a sleep in . I got up and went for a walk to a market a couple of streets away. I wanted some freshly squeezed juice and the ingredients to make the catalan tomato bread. The market people I dealt with seemed very excited that I was making the catalan tomato bread. I walked around the El Born with the plan of going to the Picasso museum but ended up walking up and down lanes instead, looking in shops. The El Born is so cool. I will have to take some photos for the readers who have not been here before. I bought a ring and a nifty map of Barcelona from an arty little shop and a t-shirt for my niece from Desigual. I had a look around a church from 1300’s called Santa Maria del Mar. They certainly knew how to make  things well in the olden days.

I came home for lunch and then got the metro  out to close to the Sagrada Familia to go and give the good folk of waytostay some Tim Tams, they were very welcoming and charming it was nice to find out that they are lovely in real life as well as from behind a computer screen. I was extremely hot though so I might have looked a little odd.

Then I went to see the Sagrada Familia . It is a very impressive architectural feat but it was not a highlight for me. Yes, it was good to go but I am not into all that sort of stuff. I think i will like Gaudi’s other works more,. I got on the “hop on hop off” bus outside the temple and rode around for 2 and a half hours hearing about some of the sights of this amazing city. I now have so many ideas of things to do and so little time. I got off the bus close to my apartment and went in to buy a pizza for dinner. I ordered a marinara, the seafood all still had their shells on and it wasn’t cut. hmmmmm. Oh well , maybe they think that is a good way to present a pizza, I don’t.

A quiet night in enjoying just hanging out.

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