Sunday – a day of rest


I had high ambitions of getting up early and heading out to the Marché aux Puces but my feet pleaded for a rest. They were really quite swollen.

So , as most of Paris rests on a Sunday, so shall I !

I wish I had’ve visited the Catacombes and had a morning at the Marché aux Puce. There are so many little obscure museums that I want to do next time.

I leave Paris Tuesday morning to head off to a week in London, it will be great to understand what people are saying to me. I have really enjoyed Paris. Their Metro system makes everything so accessible. Hopefully one day they will realise smoking is très mauvais et laid trop.

I have been using a 28 degree credit card it has no foreign transactions fees or conversion fees. The only fee is the actually ATM fee for the ATM used. I have constantly topped it up with savings so it has a zero amount owing. The interest rate is pretty crap so having money owing is not an aim. Essentially what says it will convert to is what is debited from your card.

At one shop the EFTPOS terminal asked if I wanted it in AUD or EURO. I selected EURO and checked to see which was lower when it appeared on the statement. Choosing Euro on that occasion worked in my favour. This card is a travel essential for me.

Dropbox is a virtual cloud that means when I walk in my apartment the photos I have taken on my phone are on my laptop before I even sit down. I have been very impressed with dropbox.

I have been using handbags by pacsafe they make you feel like you have one up on the pickpockets. I have looked at the gypsies of Paris as a training ground for when I get to Barcelona  These bags are another travel essential for me.

I went out to post a couple of postcards and had some really yum pay by the weight pizza and a beer. (just as well it wasn’t pay by the calories) 😉

2013-09-22 18.06.53 2013-09-22 18.10.14

a bientot

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