a week and a bit later


So I have been home for over a week and have been enjoying some time adjusting back to Australian time without having to be at work at the same time.

I have my bond back from the Madrid apartment with some compensation for having to buy more telephone credit. I did quite well out of that as the money went into  my account in AUD , so I didn’t lose on converting it. I left a balanced review for the apartment. I am also getting the 10 GBP British Airways took off me to select my seat only to end up being squeezed in to a tiny spot. I know some of you will think I am silly for chasing it up but why should a mega corporation have my 10GBP for something they did not provide to me.

pic stolen off the internet

pic stolen off the internet

I learnt my lesson the hard way about staying hydrated on a plane. My eyes are still weeping from being so dried out. Next time I will drink a lot more water, take a  face mister and some eye drops.

Travelling solo was not anywhere near as scary as I had thought. Don’t be scared to do it. Life is too short.

Travelling is great and I will be doing more next year. Maybe a smaller trip , I think I might go to New Zealand and do a bit of a road trip and also go on a overnight cruise up the Doubtful Sound. Travelling is great but we have lots to like in Australia, our food is damn good and I think we are good people. If you haven’t read Bill Bryson’s “down under” I strongly recommend you do. It explains what a great place we live in. I had laugh out loud moments that lasted longer than just a HAHA. ALthough I do wish our internet was as fast as it is in Europe.

I was on a tram and passed Bourke Street mall where their were people in red uniforms just hanging around waiting to answer any questions from tourists. What I would have given to see that sort of thing in Madrid. No wonder they didn’t win the Olympic bid.

I’d like to thank everyone who did things to help my trip like make generous donations of money and books. Also to all the people who lent me things like luggage,luggage locks, torches , an oyster card and city guides . You are all awesome. As are all the people who encouraged me to write my blog.

Next week it is back to work and no more double pay. Hope I wake up on time.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful trip. Glad to be able to learn from your trip, i won’t bother with Madrid!.

    Next trip should include Prague, it was the standout for Brittany. She loved Italy too, particularly Florence.

    Well done Bron, it’s brave to travel alone, you did well.

  2. Thank you Bron for sharing your awesome adventure! I have really enjoyed this journal and anxiously await any future blogging you might choose to do.

    You made this trip very fun for this vicarious tourist – You have shown yourself to have a wonderful sense of humor and a good head on your shoulders. I am so glad you did so well on the financial aspect of your journey – yet it seemed as though you were able to travel in relative comfort and style (at least I did not notice any tales of jitney buses and such.)

    I am proud of you for your decision to strike out on your own, and I am proud of me for recognizing an up-start blogger with the promise and the power to take me on a trip halfway around the world.

    You are a very cool lady, this was nice 😉

  3. I’m impressed you got your money back from British Airways. They bilked me out of a little over $200CAD. And I get money back on stuff for a living, so it’s not like I just gave up and wandered away.

    Glad you had such a good trip. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get to the end of your blog. Promise I’ll be better for the next one.


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