Saturday in Barcelona


I slept in yet again, got up and ready for a day out. I had told the teacher at cook and taste that I would drop her in an Australian dollar and to show her the book that I had found them in (Movida’s guide to Barcelona). It was just around the corner so it was not out of my way. I wanted to go to a restaurant that he had written up in the guide that was apparently rather hard to find but worth it once I did. I found it but I think it may have changed hands so I went off down to the beach to go to another restaurant there. It is called Can Sole and has been there for 110 years. It serves up very traditional Catalan seafood dishes. I had octopus legs for entree. and Bouillabaisse for  main . Could of done without the octopus legs but the Bouillabaisse was amazing. So good! It was the type of food that makes you feel happy to alive! The service was very attentive . Any more attentive and they would have been spooning the food in to my mouth . 😀 showed the head waiter man what Frank Camorra had written about their restaurant in his book and he roared laughing at what had been written about the size of the owner. ( he looks like he likes to eat)

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It was such a beautiful day so I walked along the promenade next to the beach, I saw the cable car that goes from the beach up to poble-sec and thought “why not”. The wait was longer than I would normally subject myself to but it was worth it. Luckily I had cash on me as they don’t take cards, I would have been a little upset waiting an hour to find out I couldn’t go on it as I only had a card.I had my kindle so Bill Bryson kept me company.

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I made my way back to my apartment via the metro. I had to wait 4 minutes for one of the trains. That is the longest I have waited for a train in Barcelona. Standing in the sun for an hour made me in need of a nap.

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