A fleeting trip to Canal St Martin


This morning I went for a walk to go to Musée des Artś et Métiers as I was approaching it I saw a large school group go in so I went for a bit of a walk so that they would have moved along a little.I ended up at Canal St Martin. A very pretty canal, I thought it might make for a nice place to sit down and contemplate where to go next. What I didn’t realise before I entered the “garden” was that, it is ,what appears to be a gated community for little flocks of homeless men. As I briskly walked to the next gate to make a quick exit without looking too conspicuous  the caretaker/gardener man looked at me like “are you insane?”. As I just wanted to get out the area a.s.a.p here are some possibly blurry photos of the canal.

2013-09-10 10.42.08 2013-09-10 10.41.59

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  1. Dear Bron I am enjoying your blog so much and pleased to see you making the most of every moment of your holiday in beautiful Paris. Ralph sent his love, when was awake, he missed you today. He was pretty busy and is now snoring gently beside me on the bed. Love Julie xo

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  2. Hi Bron, I am very jealous of all the food you are eating. Bring me back a croissant. You will be fluent in pigeon French when you get back. Love Fi

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