Three pays to go.


I have three pays to go until I leave. I am trying to spend as little as possible so that I can save as much as I can. One sister has very kindly offered to get me a driver to pick me up from the airport in Paris. This has given me much relief as I was super anxious about being over tired and in a foreign country for the first time. My other sister has offered to get me a driver to take me to the airport in Melbourne. I have wonderful sisters. I am very blessed with the family I was born into.I consider myself to be very lucky.

I have also been very lucky to have made contact with a lovely Canadian living in Paris who writes a blog called  jetaimemeneither    she has kindly offered to meet me in the first week I am in Paris to give a locals view on where to go and what to do. That will be fun.It sounds like she can drink at my pace too. woohoo  A lovely patient at the hospital has offered to lend me a suitcase. How nice is that?  For one week of the three I am in Paris a lady from work will be coincidentally staying in an apartment very close to where I am staying. It would be nice to catch up with her. I hope that happens . I have a cousin who will be in Europe for most of the time I am there. He is taking his son on a bit of a jaunt. It would really nice catching up with him. They are going to a Madness concert in London that I would like to go to . It is a little far away from where I am staying though. Madness  will also be playing in Pairs when I am there. I will have to look into what other bands are playing in various places. It would be pretty cool seeing Madness in London though.  I would like to take my cousin’s daughter, Bonney with me for the whole 6 weeks as she has a “magic” camera that makes me look a lot slimmer than I am .   Knowing all these people will be in Europe while I am there has given it a really friendly lift    If I  was tigger I would be bouncing.



I still have to buy  more euro , get a hair make over, try to learn a little bit more French.( I have been a little slack with that). I am tossing up whether I need luggage scales or not. I think I may get a little emotional as the plane is taking off. Years of saving ,dreaming and planning and it will finally be happening. I won’t howl but there may be a little tear.

If anyone from Paris or frequent visitors could suggest a car service in Paris, to whisk me away from the airport  that would be great.

somehow it looks like the font size changed after the first paragraph. more learning required 🙂

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  1. with Syria about to implode you must be feeling worried. If you are need of cheap accommodation in London you could always seek asylum in the Equadorian embassy. Worried…

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