Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

A fleeting trip to Canal St Martin


This morning I went for a walk to go to Musée des Artś et Métiers as I was approaching it I saw a large school group go in so I went for a bit of a walk so that they would have moved along a little.I ended up at Canal St Martin. A very pretty canal, I thought it might make for a nice place to sit down and contemplate where to go next. What I didn’t realise before I entered the “garden” was that, it is ,what appears to be a gated community for little flocks of homeless men. As I briskly walked to the next gate to make a quick exit without looking too conspicuous  the caretaker/gardener man looked at me like “are you insane?”. As I just wanted to get out the area a.s.a.p here are some possibly blurry photos of the canal.

2013-09-10 10.42.08 2013-09-10 10.41.59