Things I learnt on the second leg


Wayward bold people try to take your seat!
Other people give you kind words of encouragement when you go all “bad cop” on the seat poacher.
I will be changing my home bound tickets to be on the aisle if I can. I don’t like feeling all trapped in.
Singapore airport was meh. I didn’t have a chance to explore it though as the turnover time was brief.
I did like their free wifi and usb
The man sitting next to me was a lovely Italian man who spends three months a time away from his wife and very young son to work on various tunnel construction. He made me feel better in an anxious moment. He says I have to start speaking slower if i want anyone to underrstand me instead of just smiling and nodding at me.
It’s a bit of over share but I get all anxious about making people wait while I am going to the loo and making people move for me to get to it. He was very funny and reassuring about my toilet issues.
The bus from the plane to airport seemed to go on forever. I got into the terminal and someone said “hi Bronwen” .A lovely barman that used to work at the Bot was there with his girlfriend. His mother had organised for a cake to be delivered to him on the plane. NAW! Another example of it being a small world

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    • yeah Juzzy , it was really bizarre and awesome! It really got me out of my “oh god I’m in a foreign country eek” mode. The people that sat behind me and liked my “bad cop” moment came up to me at the bar I was sitting at and kept me company. If I hadn’t of gone all “bad cop” that may not have happened. He also got my luggage off the turnstile. naw

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