Crikey! had I known Paris was going to be this humid.


If I had’ve known Paris was going to be so humid my bags would have been much lighter.Oh well any excuse to hunt out some vintage stores!

I am really surprised  at how badly Singapore and CDG manage their airports. A couple of sheep dogs could’ve have round us all in better at Changhi and CDG Paris only had two police checking passports for non EU passport holders coming off a full A380. I told the guy that took mine ( in French) that I was sorry but I am not very good at speaking French and he grunted something back to me in French. LOL one can only imagine what he was grunting.  My apartment is nice it isn’t WOW but it is very clean perhaps a little lacking nighttime lighting but it does the job and I am happy here

.The apartment owner is really really nice he is the type of personality that I could hang out with for lots of laughs. He also assures me I am very safe in my arrondissement as I am a woman- cool.

I think I am going to have to get used to a lot of noise from outside the apartment but that is all part of the Parisian “experience” I suppose.Our flat at home is very quiet though so I might have a few sleepless times. Anothert part of that experience is also accepting that the only road rule they seem to follow is that there are no rules to follow.Crazyness everywhere!

Hopefully it is not so humid for too long. My first experience in a shop= the purchase came to 38.something Euro. I gave her 40 Euro ( she knew I spoke practically no French) She said no and took 5 more Euro out of my hand. I said no and took it back. Just ’cause I can’t speak French doesn’t mean I can’t count. HA

So tonight I am eating dips with vegetables and high fibre wafer things, drinking cheap champagne and recovering  from what seems like 3 days of travel but is only one and a half. I’ve washed the clothes I flew in and gone up and down 80 stairs three times. The internet in the apartment is unlimited data and really fast. He is under the understanding that I am an internet-holic so that’s good. There are also free phone calls to Australian home lines. Awesome that is so good. I am going to try and stay awake long enough to ring mum when she wakes up. I may not sure I will be able to stay awake that late though. ( hope I can)

A bientot


late edit- so I lay on the bed at 8pm France time, with the plan it was just to see how comfortable it was next thing I know it is 3am and all the lights are on. I suppose the bed must pass the test.

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  1. Bonjour, comment ca va? Have finally got my suitcase packed and now trying to get my i devices in order (phone, pad, nano and touch) – I might be here all night. Enjoyed reading your leg blogs and good that you’re settling in. I’ll be on the plane in about 12 hours. Hope the jet lag isn’t too bad for you and you can get out and enjoy! Cheers, Foxy

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